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It doesn’t matter if your outdoor garden and living area is a peaceful escape from the everyday noise, or a vibrant energetic place full of noise, chances are you also want it to be a place that’s private. Landscaping Calgary has some great advice when it comes to building extraordinary walls and fences.  Walls and fences are a way to privatise your space and provide a means of security. Typically when we think of building a wall or fence we think of the standard products available to us, such as wood, chain link, or concrete, but what if you don’t want the typical, boring look? Then follow your vision! Literally anything can be done.

There are many materials and styles, below are a few “out of the box” ideas:

Bamboo screens– Maybe you like the tropical forest look. If you have patience you might want to try growing a bamboo separator screen. Bamboo is a fast growing tall grass, but does take years to grow to the size that it would provide complete privacy. Calgary does have a few bamboo screens around the city but it is certainly not the most common material used.  When fully grown though, it’s so thick you would have to cut through it to be able to see anything on the other side. Bamboo fence panels are available to attach to exiting wooden or chain link, or custom bamboo fencing can be ordered. Bamboo fences are a great idea for a spa or hot tub area. Check out your local garden centres to see what type of bamboo is available.

Metal sculpture fences – Metal sculpture fences are becoming more and more popular in Calgary landscaping.  They certainly make for an extraordinary fence.  Landscaping Calgary has seen a number of these unique fences in and around Calgary.  Definitely out of the ordinary, but also a great way to catch people’s attention. Use up old pieces of scrap metal and weld yourself a sculptural work of art, or commission a sculptor to do it for you. Either way your fence will be sturdy and gain a lot of attention.

Wrought iron fences – Available in many different railing designs, it’s solid and dependable. Wrought iron never goes out of style and if you don’t like the designs available to you have one custom designed.

Stone or Rock walls – Gathering up various sizes of rocks and boulders can give you the materials needed to build yourself a rock wall or barrier. Either cement can be used to hold them together or a rock wall palette (a mesh wire encasement that holds the rocks in place). Rock walls are sturdy, rustic looking, and provide a natural pattern with depth, color and shadows. If you prefer a more uniform look pavers can be used. Many different styles of stone and rock are available at your local landscape supplier.

Vinyl fencing – No maintenance required and it lasts a life time. Decorative vinyl and composite fencing can be found up to 6ft tall.

Outdoor walls – There are many different things you can do with outdoor walls. If you want to make a boring wall look better try these ideas: have a creeping plant grow up it, or a bunch of vertical plants in colorful pots in front of it, or a hedge growing over it, or all of the above. Use your imagination, pretty plants can take the attention away from the wall and create a tropical feel. To make it even more quirky build a wall of terracotta and place a bunch of pottery or ornamental objects right into the terracotta. Have plants and vines grow directly out of the pots and up the wall. This is a great idea for a courtyard.

If you’re starting from scratch then there are a lot more options available to you, but if you have to change what you have then work with what you have. If you have a concrete wall, paint it with a colorful mural or embellish it with outdoor art.  If you have wooden fences, consider stripping them and giving them an artistic distressed look, or maybe just a color change will work for you. Whatever your preference, anything can be changed with a little imagination. So get your creative juices flowing and create your own extraordinary outdoor wall or fence that won’t fade into the background.

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