Trees Positively Affect Our Environment

Including trees in your landscaping projects can have many benefits. Large strong trees planted wisely will provide much needed shade to the seating areas in your yard. The dense greenery lures birds into your space because they provide great hiding spots to build delicate nests. Flowering trees create an aromatic oasis and fruit trees provide the ingredients for jams, pies and other great recipes. But their most important job is that trees positively affect our environment.

Trees perform three functions for our environment

By performing three major functions:
 Trees create clean air by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and converting it to oxygen.
 Trees absorb light from the sun into their leaves, the darker the leaves the better they absorb,
 Trees draw water from the soil that is evaporated into low clouds that reflect the sun’s hot rays.

All types of trees positively affect the environment
All plants absorb carbon dioxide as part of photosynthesis but the reason trees positively affect our environment the best is simply their sheer size and extensive root structures is more . As a bonus, trees also provide habitat for wildlife and their nitrogen-rich leaves are nature’s best mulch.

Fast growing trees will take on their role to be mature trees more quickly, and slower growing trees will store much more carbon over their significantly longer lives. So whatever your preference, planting trees of any shape or size will make a great addition to your landscape and is the least expensive and easiest way for you to help offset the carbon dioxide you generate.

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