Trees Calgary

There are many trees to choose from for your landscaping in Calgary.  At Chinook Landscaping and design inc. we believe trees are one of the most important parts of your landscaping for your front or back yard.  In this fast paced world where low maintenance landscapes are becoming more and more popular, trees can often be at the bottom of the list.  But, trees are actually very low maintenance and they provide us with many great benefits.  Once a tree is established you may have to prune it back as it becomes older but in the younger stages it will probably not be necessary.  Trees will even require much less water as they become more mature because the trees roots will grow deeper and deeper into the soil, bringing the roots closer and closer to the water table.  Some great tree options for your Calgary yard include; columnar swedish aspen, green ash, manchurian ash, tartarian maple, japanese tree lilac, .  There are many other trees that will grow well in your yard including fruit trees like; strathmore crabapple, rudolph crabapple, parkland apple and amur cherry.  Making sure you choose a tree that is suitable for certain areas of your property is very important.  Some trees can tolerate lots of shade and others prefer lots of sun.  Others, like willows will prefer moister areas of your yard instead of dry locations.  For a great photo guide to trees that grow well in Calgary visit trees guide Calgary

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