Spring Rose Care

There is nothing more vibrant than the sight and smell of a flowering rose garden in full bloom. Investing some time and energy into your spring rose care will ensure healthy rose bushes that will flower throughout the summer.

Remove Old Mulch
Rose care actually starts in the fall when, in preparation of our cold Calgary winters, many gardeners pile sawdust up around their roses so in the spring it is important to remove all that mulch. If a rose got a disease or insect late in the fall then the disease may have been frozen into the much over winter. Diligently removing old mulch will ensure that you are removing the potential for summer problems. Spring pruning will also find anything that may have caused any type of infestation.

When to Prune
In our northern climate here in Calgary, it ls best to wait to prune your roses until after the last big frost, which may be as late as the middle to end of May. Make sure to remove any branches that are dead and cut off any straggly, long branches. Be sure to cut at a 45 degree angle because flat cuts will leave too much of an area exposed and let water sit.

Fertilize Properly
Once you have cleaned up the mulch and the old branches, spring rose care is about getting the best new start. Fertilizer is the most important thing you can do for your roses. Evenly apply the fertilizer around your plants, using a rake to lightly work it into the soil.

Spray for Insects and Disease
Keeping roses in the best possible growing conditions is the best way to slow disease and insect problems but when you find you need to spray there are many product that combine to be a spring rose care product that can be reapplied through the season to get rid of any insects that may have returned.

Re-Mulch around Roses
Finally, reapply a layer of new fresh mulch over the area around your roses. You will need at least two inches of mulch and not more than three inches to ensure you leave enough room from the ground to the lowest row of leaves on the trunk. This last step in your spring rose care regime will ensure beautiful rose bushes all summer.

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