Organic Vegetable Garden

As consumers we are getting more intelligent about the food choices we make for our families. As gardeners, growing organic vegetables allows us to make the same healthy choices while also being more ecologically friendly Growing an organic vegetable garden can be very rewarding and there are some simple things to know before you begin.

The Right Location
when choosing where in your space to locate your organic vegetable garden, you need to consider you plant’s needs:
 Your garden should be grown in a spot where it will get at least six hours of sun during its main growing season.
 Your terrain should be level. Fill in any depressions with extra soil to keep water from collecting and rotting the roots of your plants.
 If you live in a windy area, you will need to place your garden in a location where it is protected. You can create a wind block from a hedge or a trellis if you don’t already have a national area that is save from high winds.

Plants and Seeds
The best reason to grow plants from organically-grown seeds is that they won’t be loaded with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organically-produced seeds are harvested from organically-grown plants so they never, in their life come in contact with chemical pesticides or fungicides, and they are not genetically modified.

The Right Soil
The right soil will make all the difference in growing the perfect organic vegetable garden. It is simple and quick to build a raised bed in your garden if your soil is too rocky or full of tree roots. There are some simple ways to decide what type of soil you have and once you know you can learn how to work with your soil to make it more healthy. You can improve both sandy and clay soil by mixing in about six inches of organic matter like compost, grass clippings or shredded leaves.

Tend Your Garden
The trickiest part of growing an organic vegetable garden is catching pest and disease problems early. As long as you succeed here, you will have healthy, bountiful, organic vegetable garden and if you need some help there is all kinds of information on the types of vegetables you want to grow including how to know when you have the right amount of water and nutrients.

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