New Shrub Varieties

You can add a touch of mystique to your garden by finding and planting brand new shrub varieties that will be the topic of conversation when you have friends over in your garden. New shrub varieties will not only add beauty to your yard, something new and unexpected will also add great value to your landscape.

Bella Anna Hydrangea

The soft pink flower of this twist on an easy to grow shrub will bloom from early summer through the end of the fall season. The Bella Anna hydrangea are new shrub varieties that  have smaller leaves than other hydrangea predecessors. Even if you cut it back too far, these plants that are especially hardy will bloom every year.

Little Devil Ninebark

This great drought resistant shrub features colourful foliage that is surprisingly not attractive to deer and rabbits who general tend to make lunch out of many brightly coloured foliage. Little Devil Ninebark are new shrub varieties that are bright and fun and small enough to tuck into tight spaces in your yard.

Sky High Juniper

Called sky high because they grow tall and thing, if you are looking for a backdrop then these  new shrub varieties are for you. This beautiful drought resistant juniper that has a beautifully soft, silvery-blue colour year round, is a thin shrub that will stand tall in just about any small space.

Firedance Dogwood

For a small shrub, the Firedance Dogwood has a lot of features. It is one of the most hardy shrubs available and this new shrub variety not only has a beautiful fall colour, it also has bright red stems through the winter. If you have a particularly wet area in your yard then this disease resistance shrub that loves water is perfect.

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