Mow pavers are fast becoming the most popular garden bed border for use in landscaping.  The main reasons are simplicity and cost.  Mow pavers are basically paving stones that are installed over gravel or sand.  They are installed level with the grass in order to make mow easy.  Your lawn mower wheel simply glides over top of the stone mow pavers.  Traditional raised stone garden borders can be a hassle to mow around and they often require trimming the grass against the stone.  Traditional raised stone borders also cost much more than mow pavers simply because there are more materials required.  The look of mow pavers is clean and not obtrusive so they are typically a great addition to any landscaping project and they will look great in your front or back yard.  If you are wondering about the cracks between the mow pavers, make sure to ask your landscaping company to use polymer sand.  Polymer sand is swept into the cracks and then misted with water.  If installed properly, mow pavers should last for many, many years before they need to be replaced. The polymer hardens like sand and prevents ants, grass or weeds from invading the open spaces.  Quite often they won’t need full replacement but instead they will just require some adjustments to make them level again.  Eurostone, holland, Roman euro, and many other paving stones can be used for your mow pavers.  Try using mow paver garden borders for your next landscaping project!!

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