Low Maintenance Landscapes

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Low Maintenance Landscapes

The most time consuming yard chores are watering and mowing so the best way to create low maintenance landscapes is to consider ways to reduce the amount of water you need and minimizing the amount of grass you must mow.

Automatic Irrigation Systems

Watering with an automatic irrigation system targets plant roots with much more precision than a hose or with an oscillator, saving you money by conserving water use. This low maintenance landscape option can be programmed when you aren’t even around. The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning when it’s still cool and a moist lawn will survive the heat of the warm afternoons better.

Clover and Moss as an Alternative to Grass
Clover lawns are drought tolerant, insect-resistant, compete well with weeds and don’t have to be mowed often. In addition to having a low maintenance landscape, clover will save you money and it is environmentally safe, making it a great substitute for grass.

Moss provides the same low maintenance landscape option as clover except that it grows in shady parts of your yard where grass won’t grow. If you have ever noticed how often moss grows in areas that are problematic for grass then yiu know it makes a great alternative.

Drought-Tolerant Perennials
There are many options for drought-tolerant perennials that do well in Calgary. This low maintenance landscape option simply saves money by needing less water. If you do have a favourite plant that likes to be water then just be sure to plant it in a cool, shady area of your yard. It will be less thirsty if it stays cooler.

Mulch absorbs water and slowly releases it throughout the day as your plants need it and you can save even more money if your make your much yourself. If you have an overly dry area for which there seems to be no other solution, mulch is probably your answer. Mulch is also a low maintenance landscape option by suppressing weeds, making yard care much easier.

Snowmelt Systems
Winter doesn’t seem like the time of year around here to think about low maintenance landscape options however a technology that provides an alternative to snow-removal is worth a try. A mixture of heated water and anti-freeze is pumped through a system of tubing that runs under the driveway, walkways, patios and porch steps and heat radiates up to the surface melting away snow and ice. Drains catch the liquid run-off and channel the water away.

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