Landscaping on a Budget

With a little creativity, landscaping on a budget can still mean a very attractive garden that incorporates some tips and tricks to let you designing an inviting outdoor space that you can enjoy and be proud of while saving money.

If you are one to obsess over weeds in your lawn, you are not only spending more money than necessary, you aer also creating more problem for your lawn throughout the summer. Over weeding can lead to what is known as monoculture; the use of land for only one type of plant. This is not healthy for lawns that need some diversity to remain healthy. If the weed in your lawn is clover, one that is very predominant here in Calgary, then this nitrogen-fixer is actually fertilizing your lawn for free, now that’s landscaping on a budget.

Water feature can be an attractive additions that make an impact without breaking the break the landscaping budget. Modern pumps and pond liners are inexpensive and an easy do-it-yourself project will let you ad a feature you can be proud of. A few well placed stones that you picked up for free while you were out for a walk can be used to turn your pond into a small waterfall without spending a dime. When building brick patios or walkways, remember that bricks laid in sand are easier to build and less expensive than those laid in concrete. If you plan your patio and walkways ahead, then you can avoid having to cut any of the bricks and eliminate the cost of the machine to cut them. A simple plan also eliminates the need for a professional.

Inexpensive Plants
Buying cheaper flowers might mean getting a lower quality product than the same plants at the local nursery but all it really takes is investing in the time you need to sift through the selection of cheaper plants to find the ones that look best. These plants will also need you to take the time to show them some very much needed TLC once they are in your yard. You will also succeed in landscaping on a budget if you buy your new plants in the fall, when many stores put shrubs and perennials on sale to avoid being stuck with them over the winter.

Water Conservation
Landscaping on a budget means knowing the plants you are planting. While you are looking for cheap plants, be sure to read the descriptions and find drought-tolerant plants that are good at fending for themselves and don’t need much water to grow and be hearty. You can also reduce the amount of water you need in your flowerbeds by filling them with mulch that will absorb water and release it to keep plants moist over a period of time. An automatic irrigation system also waters more wisely then using a hose and sprinkler and can save money on your watering bill.

Saving on containers and fertilizer
If you have limited space in your yard then an inexpensive container and a small variety of plants can go a long way to providing colour and texture to a patio or deck through the summer. Buying used containers will save you even more money but be careful to clean any used containers in case they are harbouring plant disease or insects.

Whether you are on a budget or not, you cannot have a healthy garden without fertilizer, so why not fertilize for free. You can begin by building a compost bin and turning kitchen scraps, raked leaves and grass cuttings into a rich source of fertilizer for free.

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