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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can dramatically change the look of your yard.  It only takes the addition of some lights strategically placed in certain areas, to transform the look of your landscape. Landscape lighting not only changes the look of your property but it also increase the safety of your property.

Good lighting = safe yards
Using walkways and steps in poorly lit yards can lead to accidents.  With landscape lighting you can intentionally light the areas of concern and give you and your guests a pleasant walkway to navigate.  Landscape lighting also deters undesirable guests from venturing on your property.  Its no secret that a well lit exterior invites less crime than a poorly lit one.

Start with an attractive landscape
Of course, in order to have attractive landscape lighting it is most important to start with an attractive landscape.   You don’t want to light up any part of your landscape that is an eye sore.
Landscape rocks and fixtures first
Simple landscape additions like rocks such as rundle boulders, or sand stone placed in your garden beds a texture and character to an otherwise flat and bland landscape.  These landscape rocks also look stunning when lit from any angle and with most landscape lights, but often look best with lower light settings.
Landscape plantings
Your landscape plantings play a key role in landscape lighting, and they often add the most beauty to your landscape.  Remember to incorporate shrubs and trees that will stay green year round as lighting up leafless sticks in winter can be rather drab.  Low growing evergreens like Calgary carpert juniper, or golden fitzer juniper are a great choice for year round greenery.  Also, globe spruce, birds nest spruce, and mops mugo pine, are simply stunning when lit at night and also look great in a day time setting in any garden bed.  As for non evergreens, weeping carrigana, many varieties of spirea and hostas all look great lit up.  Try to mix some yellow or gold colored plantings in to yard gardens as they can look especially good highlighted by good lighting.

Learn about others lights
When considering landscape lighting is a good idea to take a drive around town, at night of course, to take a look at what some of your neighbors are doing with their landscape lighting.  You can learn a lot about landscaping and landscape lighting by taking a look at what others have done.

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