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Landscape Gadgets

Spending time in your garden, pruning flowers and digging weeds can be very therapeutic. And the pride you get from a well tended garden is an added bonus to the hours of fresh air and exercise, not to mention an great excuse to get some well needed vitamin D from the sun. There are a few landscape gadgets that will make your gardening time a little easier or that will add a little fun to your time outdoors.

Biodegradable mulch
With the same physical characteristics as plastic mulch, biodegradable mulch is the landscape gadget of the future. Because it will biodegrade over time, Biodegradable mulch has a more positive impact on the environment and this landscape gadget won’t cost you removal, recycling or land fill time or money.

The mulch is made of a raw material that is corn starch based and compostable and biodegradable. The combination of temperature, humidity, and microorganisms in the ground will break the film down into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass without any toxic residue.

Biodegradable mulch comes in clear and black options. Clear mulch will increases soil temperature and allows rapid root growth while preventing the water from eroding the soil. In addition, the black film will eliminate weeds and protect fruits and vegetables from direct contact with the ground, keeping them cleaner and free of plant diseases.

Bulb planter
If you want to fill your garden with colour next spring, plant bulbs in September, before the first frost. Bulb planters are the landscape gadgets that will make your fall task a cinch. Simply push your bulb planter into the soil, stopping a the depth needed for the type of bulb you are planting. The tool is designed with a compartment that will hold the soil then use it to covering your bulb after it is planted.

Make sure you do your research before you buy a bulb planter to find out the correct planting depth for your bulbs in our Calgary’s hardiness zone 3 climate. Then make sure buy a bulb planter will did to the depth that your bulb requires. Another handy tool for the job is a bulb auger. This is a long bit that attaches to an electric drill and drills down to the appropriate depth, based on a mark on the bit itself. The auger is waterproof so don’t worry as you drill a hole down into moist soil.

Garden gloves
Garden gloves will keep your hands dry and clean as you work in your garden and a good pair will protect you from the thorns on your rose bushes or the spurs of some weeds while you are pulling them. Water proof gloves, go a step further and make working around your ponds and water gardens a drier and less messy adventure. You can reach down into the bottom of your water feature and remove leaves and other debris while staying clean and dry. There are many types of waterproof gardening gloves and the best of these landscape gadgets pull right up to your shoulder and have a cotton lining to make them comfortable and dry. Most waterproof gardening gloves are also resistant to most garden chemicals.

Garden seat
Being bent over a flower bed for hours, pruning and weeding can be murder on your back. You can reduce back strain from stooping and bending and prevents sore knees from kneeling on the ground with a seat or kneeler that makes gardening easier and more fun. You will not only be more comfortable, you will also protect your clothes from dirt and grass stains. And regardless of which of the many styles of these landscape gadgets you choose they are ideal for arthritis sufferers too.

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