There are many ways in which winter snowfall can affect your landscaping.   Calgary has seen winters with very little snow fall and other years when the snow fall has been very heavy.  There are positive and negative aspects to both.  First lets look at how a heavy winter snowfall can affect your landscaping.  Heavy snowfall in the winter is great for protecting your shrubs, trees and other plantings including your sod.  Especially if the snowfall is received early on in the season before it gets too cold.  The deep snow protects your shrubs and tree roots from exposure during cold weather and when the thaws or chinooks hit Calgary the roots are not affected by the sudden change in temperature.  Another positive affect of heavy snowfall in winter is that it provides moisture to all of your plantings in spring.  Homeowners can often forget to water their plantings thoroughly in fall and the extra snow in winter means you won’t have to crank up the sprinkler system so early in spring. As mentioned, there are some negative aspects to heavy snowfall in winter and that mainly has to do with run off and drainage.  If your landscaping has some low spots where water pools and it is not properly draining then this pooling water can cause issues with walkways becoming icy, flooding into your home.  The extra moisture can also cause too much water to pool in the areas of your landscaping where trees and shrubs are.  THis extra water can be too much for the tree or shrub to handle and they can suffer root rot, grow slowly or die.  If you notice areas of your property where water tends to pool it would be wise to try to shovel the snow to a different location.  You can also try to create a shallow trench that will direct the water away from the problem area.  Overall, heavy winter snowfall affects your landscaping in a positive way but it is important to be award of drainage and flooding issues and tend to them if possible.


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