Calgary can have some very warm summers and very windy days causing your landscape to dry out quickly. Installing underground sprinklers is a convenient way to insure your trees, shrubs and lawn are getting watered adequately. Not only is it convenient but it can help you conserve water by allowing you to water early in the morning or late in the evening when you lose less water to evaporation. It is recommended to install separate zones for your lawn and garden beds. Lawns typically require different amounts of water than flowers or shrubs so it is best to have them on separate zones so you can adjust the watering times accordingly. If you plan to install your underground sprinklers in Calgary yourself we would recommend visiting the following underground sprinkler links to help you better understand the process.

Plumbing for your underground sprinkler system
You will need to call a plumber to have your sprinkler system plumbed in from your house to your exterior. This process involves tapping into your existing water line in the basement of yur home, then running a 3/4-1/2″ line from inside your house to through the concrete wall to the exterior. A shut off valve is installed on the line then from the exterior line you tap into it with your exterior lines.

Free landscaping sprinkler design from Rainbird offers great how to advice as well as a free design package service for underground sprinklers. Simply sketch your yard and fax it or mail it to Rainbird. They will email you a computer design of your property showing exactly what you need for your underground sprinkler system components.

For your design package visit:

To view a selection of different videos on sprinklers, and to learn more about how sprinkler systems work. Visit:

This video shows you how a Puller is used to install underground sprinkler hose you can rent a puller to help make your job a lot easier. Underground sprinkler Pullers are available at your local rental store in Calgary.

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