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Landscaping in Calgary can vary greatly from landscaper to landscaper. We have taken an average landscaping price for each component based on prices from 8 local landscaping companies in Calgary. If you find a landscaper who can install these landscaping components in Calgary for considerably less than the prices we list, we would suggest you check the company out to ensure they are qualified to do the work and that they will complete the landscaping job properly. Some of the variables that can change the cost of your landscaping would be issues such as access, for example, is the location of your landscaping easily accessed ? Can a bobcat be driven to the location ? can landscape materials be placed close to the location? Labour costs increase dramatically when access is limited, or if materials have to be ‘hand bombed’ or carried to the location with wheelbarrows instead of machinery. Additionally, if there is digging to be done, and there always is, digging by hand is a lot more costly and time consuming than using a bobcat to complete the work. If your property has limited access you can safely add 10-15% more to the prices listed below. Sloping properties can also add to the prices of landscaping because they require more effort/labour to work in and around. They may also be less desirable to some landscapers to work on, therefore you may have less landscapers competing for your project thereby decreasing the competition while increasing the costs.

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$28.00/square foot
Interlocking brick or paving stones are commonly used for walkways, patios and driveways. The cost of paving stones are usually more than exposed aggregate or concrete slab, but they are far more durable, and unlike concrete they do not crack and can easily be repaired. The costs for having your paving stones installed can increase with the amount of curves and/or cuts that will be be required. Typically, the more curves the more cuts. So if your planning on a fancy patio with lots of creative curves you should plan on adding 20% to the price we have listed. You can also choose from a wide variety of brick or paving stones, some have higher costs than others depending on the style.


$32.00/linear foot
Stack stone pre fabricated retaining wall is the most popular retaining wall material in Calgary for light or small load bearing walls, borders, or garden bed retainers. They should not be installed over 2′ high. The price listed is for one course high or one layer high, most walls are at least 2 layers high. As with paving stones, stack stone will cost more as the curves increase. The more curves, the more cuts, the higher the price. Add 20% to the prices if your planning on a curvy wall.


$30.00/linear foot
Allan block is a much stronger wall made to be load barring and can be built to heights far greater than the 2′ limit of stack stone. The centers of the allan block is usually filled with crushed gravel to add more weight to the well. Geo grid or other fabric is also commonly used with Allan block, it is layed between each course and cover with fill, greatly increasing the load barring ability. The price listed is for one course or one layer high.


$11.00/square yard
Getting sod installed in Calgary varies greatly. A quality job will cost you close to $10.00/square yard installed. This does not include preparation, so count on a few dollars more for the labour to rake, roll, grade and level your property. Access to your property can be an issue here, as hauling sod through gates and around your yard can be time consuming. If you can take out a fence panel for your landscaping company this will help to reduce your price.


Minumum $685.00/tree
Large caliper trees are considered to be tree that require a bobcat or crane for installation. They are labour intensive to move and of course require a very large hole has to be dug to accommodate the large root ball. Caliper trees are given this name due to the caliper, meaning the width across the trunk. 2″ caliper tree would mean the tree has a 2″ wide trunk. Prices are usually reduced as the amount of trees purchased increases.


Underground sprinkler installation in Calgary can cost aproximately $600/zone. Most homes are typically 4-6 zones depending on the size of the property and the amount of flower beds or trees they have. Flowers and shrubs have different watering requirements so they should be on a zone that is separate from the lawn. If you have a yard with a number of different areas of sod that are not connected then you will probably require more zones to service the sod properly. Costs will increase if you need a sleeve installed under walkways or patios, a sleeve allows the sprinkler hose to be fed through and under your walkway so other areas can be watered.


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