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Garden Landscaping

Garden landscaping in Calgary can be full of surprises.  The surprises come in all shapes and forms but they are usually weather related.  Garden landscaping can involve lots of trial and error and testing of new shrubs, new trees and perennials and annuals.  Garden landscaping is an art that requires more from the gardener than just plunking in a few shrubs here and there.  Instead the garden landscaper needs to work at creating a lasting garden that will endure in Calgary’s climate and conditions.  There is a short growing season here so there is not a lot of time to get your plants established and growing.  The first thing you should consider is to speak to a garden landscaping expert at your local garden centre or you could contact a local landscaping professional in Calgary.  The big advantage here is you can save a lot of time and money and a lot of trial and error by speaking to someone who has been done it all before.  Of course you need to still be aware of your own growing conditions in your yard like soil and light which can affect your specific growing success.

Know your yard
Each yard in Calgary has different attributes and different limitations pertaining to garden landscaping.  It is important for you to know your yard and to be aware and realistic about what can grow there.  Not knowing your yard can cost you more time and money and disappointment.  One of the most obvious limitations in every yard is going to be sunlight or hours of sunlight in any given day.  Many first time garden landscapers plant whatever plants they like best at their garden centre and cross their fingers that the plants will actually grow.  Most plants prefer at least part sun and some actually need full sun to flourish.  You can check out our page shade tolerant plants for Calgary to learn about plants that do well in shady areas.  Unless the plant you have chosen matches the area you are going to plant it in, we would not suggest taking the risk, losing the plant and having to start over.  If there is only a few hours of sun in an area and you would like to plant a part sun plant there you will probably be okay.

Soil conditions.
It is always recommended that you enhance your soil to improve your garden landscaping.  There are some excellent soil additives available at your local garden store.  Some good compost, or manure and some good dark loam can be mixed together to create an excellent soil for any of your outdoor planting areas. Calgary in general is not know for its great soil so you should always plant to enhance your soil by adding quality material to it.  Some of the older areas of Calgary that are inner city like Altadore, Elbow park, Mount royal, Lakeview have better soil than a lot of the new neighbourhoods in outlying areas.

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