Front Yard Trees

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Front Yard Trees

Planting a front yard tree takes more consideration than a tree on any other part of your yard. It should add depth to your space and at the same time not detract from the curb appeal by hiding your home. Wisely planted front yard trees can be important in keeping your home cool through the summer if it’s foliage shades your home. Finally a well planted and pruned tree or shrub will provide structure to your home by framing your driveway or front sidewalk.


Adding to the aesthetics

Planting front yard trees is about creating a pleasant view from the street and giving your home a sense of individuality and add to your property’s value by setting your yard apart. However over planting can hide you house and detract from the value of your home.

When planting front yard trees, the first thing to consider is the yard’s bias. Walk or drive toward your home from several directions and as you approach your house pay particular attention to the way you feel about what you see.

Fruit tree options

Growing fruit trees can be a lot of fun and very rewarding, however planting fruit trees as your front yard tree can cause some problems. They are quite high maintenance and the flowers and old fruit can make a mess, taking away from the curb appeal you were trying to create in the first place. If you like the idea of a fruit tree in your front yard then there are some that are better than others. Go to our page that lists the many varieties of fruit trees that do well in Calgary to determine which one is best for you.

Columnar tree options

The best reason that columnar trees make great front yard trees is that they will create privacy and a a cozy feel to fences and make you feel less exposed to the street and to your neighbours. Columnar trees are narrow so they will provide privacy and shade without taking up too much space. There are many options for columnar front yard trees.


Dakota pinnacle birch, Betula platyphylla ‘Fargo’ are new trees that will adapt to our Calgary climate. These narrow cone shaped trees have gold fall foliage that set these front yard trees apart from many others. A hardy evergreen choice is the columnar blue spruce (Picea pungens var. fastigiata) and with its great blue needles it offers great colour contrast. Swedish aspen,  Populus tremula ‘Erecta), is also known as columnar aspen and are a great choice for front yard trees because they grow quickly in an upright manner.


Flowering tree options

There are many flowering trees that you can use to add beauty to your front yard. Flowering trees provide interest as front yard trees but must be fit into your landscape correctly. It is important to decided where flowering trees will grow more successfully and if you have a certain type of tree you prefer design the layout of your yard to match the tree’s needs. You should plant only a few flowering trees as your front yard trees because they will overpower a small residential property. Accent flowering trees with gardens around their trunks that are full of flowering parennials to add depth.

To view a great selection of tree photos for Calgary visit Trees Guide Calgary

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