Calgary Shrubs

There are many reasons to include shrubs in your landscaping projects and at the very top of the list is the fact that Calgary shrubs are virtually maintenance free.

Shrubs for aesthetics
Plant a row of low shrubs in a live to create a living fence that will provide privacy or group shrubs together to hide an unsightly corner or old fence. Several shrubs of the same variety grouped together will create a strong visual effect or a grouping of shrubs of different varieties will beautifully highlight the diversity of different foliage and flowers.

In your flower beds, shrubs will give an area a sense of volume and will perfectly balance your garden accessory when you plant it beside a birdbath, fountain or sculpture. Use larger shrubs to create a cozy feel to a sitting space and they make a better backdrop in a flowerbed than a fence. The flowers of many Calgary shrubs attract humming birds and butterflies and their presence adds to the aesthetics of your outdoor space. If you place evergreen shrubs throughout your yard, they will provide year round colour and texture.

Growing healthy shrubs
The most healthy Calgary shrubs four our climate are drought-tolerant plants but there are some very easy steps that Calgary gardeners can do to ensure that whatever their preference, they will grow healthy shrubs. Starting with good soil is the foundation of growing healthy shrubs and if you are not in an area were the soil is not naturally healthy, you can use organic matter like compost or stir in rich topsoil to improve your garden.

Keeping your Calgary shrubs well watered is essential to their health and there are several ways to water efficiently. Organic matter mixed into sandy soils with help the soil hold more water and will reduce the amount of surface run-off in clay soils. Get more water to the roots of your Calgary shrubs and reduce the amount of evaporation by watering at the base of trees and shrubs. Finally collecting rainwater is the best water conservation plan.

Evergreen shrubs
The leaves of evergreen shrubs are constantly growing while old leaves are shed. This means that evergreen shrubs can keep our gardens looking beautiful all year round. I you plant these Calgary shrubs in groups of varieties that bloom at different times of the summer, they will create texture and contrast in your garden. When planting evergreen shrubs consider things like height, textures, whether it flowers, what it’s sun requirements are and how much water it needs.

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